Welcome to Nashville Shaved Ices..or not?

If you want the best in Nashville Ices, say NO to shaved ices!  We carry the best Italian ices brought right to your location with our truck.  Our Nashville ices have incredible flavor from start to finish.  Don’t start with ice and syrup poured on the top…insist on ices made and frozen with the flavor in every taste.

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nashville italian ices

Served right from our awesome Mean Green truck well known in Nashville, these Italian ices are far superior to the ones shaved off a huge block of ice and covered in syrup.  The family that produces these ices uses real fruits and no preservatives!  These ices are water based – no dairy!  Better yet, ours do not have all that crazy syrup taste and ingredients.  Everything is made at one meaning the ices and flavors are all made together, frozen and not put together on site.  This ensures the flavor is locked in and the same through the entire ice!  Take a look at our ices how we get them:


Take a look at your shaved ices specifically the syrup.  Ever seen the ingredients list?  Looks quite scary.  Eat quality ices from Gorilla Ices of Nashville.

We have been friends of the family who make these amazing Italian ices for over 60 years.    Each type of ice is made with only the freshest ingredients using real fruit pieces which you see in the ice!  Wonderful taste from beginning to end.

Do you really want to eat a block of ice with some flavoring added on top that does not taste the same throughout?  One taste of our Italian Ices and you will be forever changed over! Just ask for a free sample!nashville shaved ices

Businesses and schools are hiring us all over middle Tennessee after trying these amazing Italian Ices.  Give us a call today and find out how we can bring these real ices to your location!

Say Yes to real Italian Ices.. Gorilla Ices of Nashville …one taste is all you need! Hre our Nashville Shaved Ices truck today…and get the best available!